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Kirby 30th Anniversary Parade

A passion project of mine that I started in early 2022 that contains many unique illustrations based on the Kirby series. Each one is set up so they can be animated later on, and the art processes are recorded and edited into speedpaint videos.

Click the image to the right to see them all!

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This was a video game concept of mine that played a major role in my college career. I used it in many different projects related to my field, which all culminated into my thesis. It is merely a concept that I like revisiting every now and then and not a proper game or pitch.

Click the image to the left to learn more about it!

Scott the Woz sticker designs

These are sticker designs I made for the "Scott the Woz" YouTube channel. The stickers were used in his "Merchandise for Charity" 2022 event and depict characters and memorable moments from the show.

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