Animation Reel

KCAD (2014-2016)

2D Character Animation Reel

2D Character Animation (KCAD) - Spring 2015

My second 2D Animation class in college had us focus on the basics of animation. Our projects throughout the semester consisted of smaller, focused animations, demonstrating movement of characters and other 2D techniques.

"Randy's Treasure Hunt"

2D Animation I (KCAD) - Spring 2014

This was the first animated cartoon I've done in college that tells a story, and stars my own character, Randy. It was a semester-long project--from initial storyboards to the final product--and taught me a lot about the parts and process that goes into animation like this.

Just Jesss Opening Animation

Commission work - Spring 2018

One of my first large-scale paid projects was an animated intro for the YouTube personality Just Jesss. There was a lot of back and forth with the client in order to perfectly capture her aesthetic and personality, and I utilized After Effects more than I usually do with lighting and camera angles.

Reward Animations for WMU's Autism Procedure App

Professional Studio and Development (KCAD) - Spring 2016

These two animations were made for a learning app to be used for children with autism, and serve as rewards when a child completes the task correctly. The shorter of the two could play randomly among others between rounds, and the longer one is chosen as the final reward when the game is finished.

Animations for "The Humungous Fungus"

Concept and Production Design (KCAD) - Fall 2014

Individual animations for the "Humungous Fungus" character I designed for Underbite Games.


Painted on separate layers in Photoshop and animated in AfterEffects, I kept the actions snappy and rhythmic to fit the style of the rhythm-based gameplay.

Mockup gameplay trailer for "Kaiju Beat", a semester-long project in collaboration with Underbite Games.


Along with designing and animating the "Humungous Fungus" character, I also designed the HUD in the top-left portion of the screen. It displays the player's health, score, and energy meter.

"Mama Luigi" reanimated scene

Personal work - Spring 2017

A scene for a fan-made project of reanimating an episode of the "Super Mario World" cartoon. The five-second scene is in the middle of the episode, and this video shows my process of creating it. It took about a month to make from start to finish.